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Opportunities for Partner

Opportunites for partner

If you want to be an associate partner/franchise of Diversity Global (DG) trade, we can offer you huge opportunities.

  • We will give you all kinds of consultancy services and training and will keep in contact via email with regards to updates, rules, and business.
  • Any query made from you by email, text, or Skype will be replied to within 24 hours.
  • We also send you our affiliated institutions’ entire business brochure, either hard copy or digitally, depending upon your preference
  • We will arrange spot admissions for institutions where institutions representatives will be present.
  • We can also assist your requited student applications and help your students to be accepted into their chosen institutions.
  • We will give you the platform to do marketing and recruiting clients in your region.
  • We may also offer you marketing profits, we offer a two-way profit, but profit should be negotiable depending on business.
  • Commission is based on a per-client basis
  • For details please email us:

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