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Application Process

Application Process

Personal consultation

Once we have identified your career and study goals, our experienced consultants will be able to assess and advise accordingly. We will be able to explain the process involved in applying to study in the UK and abroad.

Choosing institution

After assessing your needs, the consultants will suggest particular institutions that offer what you desire, as well as advising you on the chances of receiving an offer. An IELTS test will need to be completed to a high standard to improve your chances.

Preparing your application

Prior to sending off your applications to the institutions of choice, our consultants will review the application and help you sharpen your personal statement, CV, and presentation of reference documents, to increase your chances of receiving an offer.

Application update

We have a team that will maintain communication with the chosen institutions on your behalf. This will speed up the process and make it more efficient. Our premium services guarantee at least 2 offers.

Interview update

Before submitting the visa application, we will help you prepare for the visa interview via a mock test. We will assist you in gaining the confidence you need to succeed in the interview, as well as getting clearer regarding your career path.

Visa guidance

We will refer you to our visa specialist who will guide you to apply for the relevant visa, for the institution at which you wish to study.

Accomodation Arrangements

We will help you find a suitable place in which to live during your studies at the institution.

Pre-departure consultation

Finally, we will provide some useful information on the immediate next steps to ease your travel and entry to the new country and institution concerned. This will include reminders and advice on a few key aspects of culture, communication and immigration.

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